You can trust to keep your best interest at heart

Since Dave Snyder surpassed our expectations as our Realtor, we felt compelled to write a letter of recommendation. We put our house on the market in January. Even though Mr Snyder was not licensed in WV, he was instrumental in the sale of our house. He gave us gentle guidance as to when we should drop the price of our house in order to generate more showings. We followed his advice and received a contract within 4 months which was highly unusual in our neighborhood.

Mr Snyder spent a tremendous amount of time and energy pricing our house to sell in WV. Over the course of the economic downturn, three neighbors unsuccessfully tried to sell their houses. The only houses that sold in our neighborhood were foreclosures. It wasn’t by luck that our house sold but through the market analysis that Mr Snyder was constantly researching. Mr Snyder also intervened with his calm demeanor when we were frustrated with our WV Realtor’s lack of communication. Not only was he able to get answers to our questions from the Realtor, but he was able to ease our fears and anxieties as well so that we could move forward with decisions in order to sell our house. 

When we received a contract on our house, Mr Snyder again provided guidance and advice with negotiating so that the sale would progress seamlessly. Since we lost faith in our WV Realtor, we would defer to Mr Snyder for all questions and even had him read over documents. Once again, Mr Snyder’s reassuring manner and expertise always eased our anxieties. 

When we began looking for a house to buy, Mr Snyder was incredible to work with. He was always punctual, organized, flexible, positive and patient. We never felt pressured or rushed while looking at houses. The house we fell in love with was a new home that was out of our price range. Mr Snyder was amazing at negotiating. He made an offer to the builder that was in our price range. When the sales agent said that her boss would most likely not accept it, Mr Snyder didn’t budge and asked her to proceed with submitting the offer. The builder accepted our offer and now we have a beautiful new home that we are incredibly happy with!

Mr Snyder’s excellent communication an organizational skills contributed to the smooth process of purchasing our new home. Closing on our new home was easy and free of anxiety and stress!

Mr Snyder’s expertise along with his patient calm and sincere demeanor makes him the perfect Realtor whether you are selling or buying a home. He is someone who you can trust to keep your best interest at heart!




— Roberta Pomponio and Russ Savee