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Dave Snyder
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Dave was the Realtor Extraodinaire

My sister, brother and I asked Dave to be our Realtor when our father passed away in 2021 and we needed to sell his house, which required quite a bit of fixing and upgrades to get it ready to sell. Dave was The Realtor Extraordinaire!! Over the years, he had compiled a list of excellent contractors for whatever needed to be done…………………yes indeed, he “had a guy for that”—it was great!! He also fixed a few things himself and even found a new home for the little tadpoles that were in the backyard pool that had been covered for two summers. Dave made sure the contractors did what they were supposed to do, and kept on top of everything. He purchased some of the lighting fixtures we needed and a new front for the fireplace—he has excellent taste, btw. We hit a few roadblocks along the way, but with his expertise and guidance, we made it through to the sale of the house. As total novices in the world of real estate, we could have never done it without Dave in our corner. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is considering buying or selling a home. -Diana

Comment from Dave Snyder:

Thank you Diana. Your whole family was easy to work with! This was a team effort and you were our "point person" for much of it!

Dave was the realtor for selling our lovely home of 24 years, and purchasing a new one. Working with Dave, my husband and I felt that our house was priced right by using realistic comps, and we were appreciative of his suggestions for enhancing our place for more appeal. We had a legitimate offer at asking price, on the very first day of showing! Whenever we had any questions and/or concerns, Dave was very easy to reach, or he would promptly respond to our appeals. Selling your long time home is stressful, but we felt that Dave helped alleviate that angst by providing answers to questions, being positive in his attitude, and just being a friend. Throughout the process, Dave would offer various scenarios pointing out the pluses and minuses, accepting our decisions, and offering his opinion when requested. We would recommend Dave to anyone thinking of selling or buying a home. He is knowledgeable, dependable, enthusiastic, industrious, and has a great sense of humor (to help you over the bumps in the moving process) -Monica Z.

Dave was great to work with! I've bought two and sold two houses with him over the years! I have many positive things to report from working with him. 1. He is professional and timely, with quick and effective communication skills. 2. He knows the market. All of his prices were perfect. He generated interest, got the money I needed, and got it done fast! Both of my sales came from offers within 48 hours of the listing going live! 3. He was able to get an accurate read on the buyers and sellers in all cases. He knew what people wanted and who was interested right from the beginning. He was able to work with the other realtors to negotiate a deal and work through any rough areas. 4. He was able to tell me exactly what I needed to do in order to get my house ready for the market. 5. He really listened to what we wanted, and was able to find the house we were looking for--even before we asked! 6. He is just a really good person. He is a decent guy in a profession that does not have a reputation for being particularly honest. Dave is your man! Highly recommended! -Philip D.

Wonderful person—conscientious and reliable, as well as kind and caring! -Cindy B.

I have never delt with Dave as a realtor but I know he is a great guy and I am sure he would treat you right. -Paul S.